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The Nintendo Force Is Strong With This One

Nintendo ForceIn the wake of the iconic Nintendo Power shutting down last year you may have heard of a startup magazine produced by a group of familiar names from the Nintendo side of the game journalism world.  Intended to take over where Power left off, Nintendo Force follows on in Power's spirit with a wide look at all things Nintendo.  Issue 1 has been around for a bit now with Issue 2 just becoming available now.  Both print and digital options are available via MagCloud, and they now offer subscriptions.  I've had the pleasure of reading the first issue and came away very impressed with what the team has accomplished.  Here's the promotional pitch:

The all-new source for Nintendo players, straight from the pros! Nintendo Force is keeping the legacy of Power alive, built by a dream team of 16 of the world's most well-known Nintendo writers, artists and designers. The same previews, reviews and features you're used to continue here, complemented by the best of yesteryear – comics, clay models, envelope art and even a Retro section. The Power may have been unplugged, but the Force is advancing boldly into the future. Join us!

Force feels like a Nintendo Power for the modern age.  Fans apparently agree; I'm told that Force has sold over 4,000 copies of its first issue making it the top seller on MagCloud for the past two months.  The first issue takes a look at games such as Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Crashmo, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, while the second issue focuses on sequels like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, the latest from Castlevania, and the celebration behind Nintendo's Year of Luigi.  Each issue also includes clay model artwork similar to the art from the old days of Nintendo Power and fun comic strips in the spirit of what Power used to offer in its glory days.  I'll be watching Nintendo Force's career with great interest.