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Star Wars Pinball Tournament Begins Today

Star Wars PinballHave you been practicing your skills on the recently released Star Wars pinball tables for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2?  You'll need all of your flipper and bumper talents to compete in the big tournament that Zen Studios is sponsoring over the next few months for the Sony PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and Microsoft Xbox 360 versions of the game.  The first phase of the competition begins today and challenges players to take the top score on the set's first movie-based table, The Empire Strikes Back.  You have one week to set a high score.  Next month the focus shifts to the Boba Fett table followed by Clone Wars in May.  The rules, dates, prize list, and complete details are on Zen's blog, but here's the relevant part: 

The top 3 high scores for the Empire Strikes Back table tournament will receive a code for our next Zen Pinball 2/Pinball FX2 DLC, a pair of Zen Studios slippers, and an awesome Star Wars t-shirt from We Love Fine! T-shirt designs will be announced for the Boba Fett and Clone Wars tournaments as we get closer to the week of the tournament.

There's also a random drawing for prizes that you can enter just by competing which I feel may be my only hope.  I'm no pinball slouch, but I never hit the heights that some of my friends achieve in the hundreds of millions of points range.  I'm usually satisfied if I break fifty million.  I appreciate Zen giving the rest of us who aren't level 99 pinball wizards a chance to win something neat.  If you're behind on your Star Wars Pinball news, be sure to read my review of the tables and don't miss Episode 95 of Power Button in which we talk with Zen's creative director, Neil Sorens, about all of the effort that went into acquiring the Star Wars license and creating the tables.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to try and improve my Empire score.  May the Force be with us all on this one.