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Sonic Fans Port Unleashed Levels Into Generations

Sonic Unleashed Project2008's Sonic Unleashed took a lot of deserved flack from critics and general audiences for slowing down that sweet speedy gameplay with slow, plodding werehog brawling levels.  There are some great parts of the game, but they all take place during the daytime stages.  2011's Sonic Generations did right by the Sonic style, thankfully, and is made up exclusively of speed levels.  If only there were some way to take the good parts of Unleashed and drop them into the superior experience of Generations.  Thanks to talented fans, now you can.  All you need is a decent PC and a copy of Sonic Generations from Steam.

This unofficial project ports most of Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels from the Xbox 360 version into Sonic Generations on PC. It also includes any improvements that are deemed as necessary to accomodate to the better control scheme, higher resolution graphics, and much smoother framerate.

There are even some new features included such as an original soundtrack and a few other surprises.  I'm not one to rebuy games I already own across multiple formats (portable versions excluded), but I'm tempted to double dip on Generations in order to try this once I get a more powerful PC.  Unleashed's levels have never looked so vivid and bright.  The sense of speed on display is impressive and I applaud the modders for making this happen.  I can't imagine that it was easy.  No word on what Sega thinks of this, but if it sells more copies of Generations, perhaps they'll turn a blind eye to what could have been a fantastic downloadable expansion.  Not that Sega was really moved to create much DLC for Generations.  That was a missed opportunity.  I'm still waiting for the Casino Night Zone DLC to come to the PS3 version of the game and I have a feeling that I'll continue to wait for a long, long time.