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PTB Celebrates 4,500 Entries

WarioIt's been another five hundred entries since we paused to look back at some of my personal favorites from the recent batch of articles, so let's take another moment to review a few things.  In this crop of picks we have a look at crummy ports of great games to pitiful consoles, a pre-release warning of porting older games to the Nintendo Wii U rather than creating new experiences, a look at the Legend of Zelda concert that toured the world last year, discussion on why Mario matters, the end of my ten year journey to acquire Luigi's Mansion, sweepings from Portal 2's cutting room floor, a visit to a secret arcade featuring F-Zero AX, multiplayer Super Mario 64 amazement, the pinball episodes of the Power Button podcast, an analysis of Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement, and the story of how I asked Nicole to marry me.  The last five hundred articles have certainly been eventful!

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