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EvilCast Recap - Episode 169

EvilCastMy friends at the EvilCast podcast at Games Are Evil have anointed me their official guest chair, so whenever one of the standard panel takes off, you can expect to hear my glorious voice adding to the experience.  I was summoned last week to sit in for Episode 169 while half of the group was off at PAX East, so I joined usuals Blake Grundman and Ross Polly along with other guest Mike Deneen to discuss the Electronic Arts one-two punch of more Origin service issues and CEO John Riccitiello's departure, Richard Garriot insulting the masses, fighting games on the Sony PlayStation Vita (I've somehow acquired five brawlers most of which include Street Fighter characters), the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball table expansion for Pinball Arcade, a Top 5 list from Ross featuring fake spoilers for BioShock Infinite, and much more.  Join us for a couple hours of lively debate and joking around.