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CONTEST: Win BioShock Infinite For PS3 Or Xbox 360

BioShock Infinite

Congratulations to the winners: Jeffrey Tang and "AB".

The fervently awaited and critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite hits stores this week, but if you're looking to score a free ride to the skybound city of Columbia, then have I got a deal for you.  I'm giving away two copies of the game, one for the Sony PlayStation 3 and the other for the winner's choice of PS3 or Microsoft Xbox 360.  Note that the PS3 version includes a free copy of the original BioShock.  Your choice of formats is brought to you by Appliances Online, while the dedicated PS3 copy comes from an anonymous benefactor who believes in Press The Buttons and its audience.  Big thanks to both of them for supplying the prizes!  All you have to do to enter for a chance to win is send an e-mail to [email protected] with "BioShock Infinite" and your console platform of choice (PS3 or X360) in the subject line.  For an extra bonus chance to win, follow @PressTheButtons on Twitter and retweet the contest announcement tweet.  Mention the contest on Facebook (and link to that mention in your entry e-mail) and I'll throw in another bonus entry.  If you want to go all out, listen to Episode 97 of the Power Button podcast and pay attention for the special keyword during the show.  Include that keyword with your entry (or after the fact) for yet another bonus chance to win.  Two winners will be chosen at random.  The deadline for entries is 8pm ET on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

Now for the customary reading of the rules, and pay attention because this is a bit more complicated than usual.  Contest for the dedicated PS3 copy is open only to those with a North American mailing address, while the PS3/X360 copy is open to North American and UK residents.  PTB is not responsible for lost or misdelivered entries or prizes.  The winner will be notified to provide a mailing address for prize delivery which will be shared with the prize sponsors in order to send out the prizes.  Each assures me that they will only use it to mail the prize and not for marketing purposes.  If you have any questions about all of this, would you kindly ask?  Good luck!