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Brad Hilderbrand Talks PR On The Press Row Podcast

Press Row PodcastBrad Hilderbrand of Electronic Arts and the Power Button podcast is back on the Press Row Podcast at Operation Sports this week to talk about marketing, public relations, gaming, and how all of those cross paths.  Here's the summary of Episode 15:

We talk to Brad about how he made the transition from industry outsider to studio insider, his perspective on the state of games PR these days, what his goals are, and how his relationship works with people in the Tiburon studio as well as the media types he supports. It’s a fascinating hour dedicated to peering inside an oft-misunderstood – and demonized – aspect of the games business.

Brad sums up the business and elaborates on how the PR sausage is made in a very interesting hour of discussion.  If you have any interest in how games are marketed (and how that is changing), you need to listen to this episode.  He also plugs Power Button along the way which is worth hearing as well, but you really need to tune in for the PR discussion.