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Best Buy Cuts Wii U Price Temporarily; Advice Needed

Wii UEager to sell some Wii U consoles, Best Buy has temporarily cut the price of the basic 8 GB model of console to $249.99 through Saturday, March 23 down from the usual $299.99 price tag.  The basic model, as you'll recall, includes the Wii U console, a GamePad, and the cables required to hook it all up.  I've had my eye on a Wii U for a while, but have held off on buying one until the price came down or Nintendo began releasing the major first-party titles that we all know are in the works.  I've felt that when I do buy a console, it will be the 32 GB deluxe model that includes the extra storage space, charging cradle for the GamePad, and Nintendo Land packed in the box for $349.99 because I like extra value and the $50 price difference for all of that seems fair.  However, the limited time $100 difference between the two packages now has me leaning towards the basic model with the rationalizations that I've never been that interested in Nintendo Land and I was always planning to buy an external hard drive to beef up the Wii U's storage capacity.  So, here's my question to all of you out there who bought a Wii U: do you have any regrets regarding the package you chose?  Did you buy a basic model and now really miss that charging cradle?  Did you choose the deluxe model and feel that you wasted some of your money?  I want to hear about your experiences.  Help guide me here.  I need some advice.  I'm also open to buying nothing now and waiting for better price drops on other Wii U packages and bundles.