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Weekly Poll: PlayStation 4ever

Weekly Poll for 2-14-2013Most of the interest out there for the "Year of Luigi" centers around Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and while I do want to play that one, I'm much more intrigued by Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.  Alphadream has a knack for creating hilarious and engaging RPGs featuring everyone's favorite plumber siblings, so naturally I can't wait to pick up the new sequel.  I'm sure I'll get to New Super Luigi U eventually, but I'm less enthused for another round of Mario Golf.  After Nintendo and Camelot dumbed down Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS, I'm not very hopefully for a golf title that does the same.  That's just my assumption, but it's one that I'm confident in sharing.  I really do hope that I'm wrong about it.

Moving on to other things, Sony has announced early details and a vision statement of sorts for its new PlayStation 4 console.  Based on currently available information, are you interested in the PS4?  Are you already planning on placing a preorder?  Or are you eyeing one of the other next generation console options?  Let's hear your thoughts.