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THQWhile THQ sold a decent chunk of its properties such as Saints Row and Metro a few weeks ago, some of its holdings are still up for sale.  Since the troubled publisher is closing up shop and all things must go, the company is auctioning off more of its franchises in April.  THQ (which at this point I imagine to be just one guy working out of a desk in a U-Store-It garage) has grouped more of its holdings into Steam-style themed packs in order to best divest itself of some of what's left.  Kotaku has the story of the auction, while Game Informer has a complete list of the bundles for sale

The series up for grabs include Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction and Destroy All Humans!

Final bids for the properties are due on April 15. THQ says it has already received over "100 expressions of interest" regarding "various titles" still left in its vaults.

There will be six items in total for sale, four properties available individually and two "bundle" deals, one for internal properties, the other for licensed IP.

There are some titles on the auction list that offer lots of great potential to the right owner, so I hope that franchises like Darksiders and Homeworld end up under control of someone who knows what to do with them; I could see Electronic Arts doing great things with either.  Destroy All Humans deserves another chance and I wonder if Ubisoft would be a good fit for it.  de Blob never quite found its niche, but I could see it working well for Sega.  As for the licensed properties, I can't think of a single one on the property list that's worth saving beyond Costume Quest which should go back to its developers at Double Fine Productions.  It's a shame that the Home Alone game for the Game Boy is not for sale, as I have an affinity for trying to buy the rights to old, forgotten handheld titles.