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"Super Mario Busters" Combines Nintendo, Ghostbusters

Super Mario BustersLong-time PTB readers know that two of my favorite media franchises across all forms of entertainment are Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and the world of Ghostbusters, so imagine my complete amusement and delight when I discovered this short animated production from James Farr that mashes the two properties together as "Super Mario Busters".  See Mario and Luigi take on the Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler roles opposite Princess Peach as Dana Barrett and Toad as Louis "Keymaster" Tully among other surprise appearances and cameos (wait until you see who plays Walter Peck!).  This is an absolutely charming creation that left me all smiles, and because I'm also a pushover for anything clever featuring Back to the Future, be sure to check out "Blink to the Future" that brings Hill Valley places and people into the Doctor Who universe.  I could watch these all day.  I think I just might.