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Sony Reveals New Vision For PlayStation 4

Sony Spotlights The Evolution Of PlayStation

Sony PlayStation logoAs part of the hype train run up to this evening's assumedly grand PlayStation 4 debut, Sony has produced a series of really short video documentaries highlighting the evolution of the PlayStation hardware line.  Starting with the original PSOne that put the brand on the map and spanning up to the present day's advanced home consoles and handheld systems, these videos are a fun walk down memory lane.  Before you learn about the future, be sure to review the past.

All of this talk about the new PlayStation reveal reminds of where I was when the company showed the PlayStation 3 for the first time.  I was covering E3 2006 with Kombo (then known as the Advanced Media Network).  By the time my flight arrived in Los Angeles and I arrived at the hotel where my team was staying, the big Sony press conference was just about to begin.  The six of us who were there already gathered in one hot, stuffy room (the air conditioner was out of service throughout the building that day) and huddled around a laptop that was streaming the show.  We watched as the company launched what would become the infamous Giant Enemy Crab gag into existence as well as the timeless call for Ridge Racer.  We laughed, we speculated, we outright guessed at what would happen next and how much more the presenters could lose the audience with nonsensical ramblings and half-baked promises.  After it was all over, we agreed that Sony had dropped the ball with their hubris and had a ways to go in order to reclaim the industry crown.  Hopefully they won't make the same mistake again tonight.