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Nintendo Yearns For Yarn

YoshiWith the upcoming yarn-styled Yoshi game headed to the Nintendo Wii U joining Kirby's Epic Yarn in the family of sewing-related games, let us consider some of the other Nintendo franchises that are perfect for the crocheted style.  Over at GamesRadar, I've shared some of my own string theories that bring popular titles like Paper Mario, Metroid, and Kid Icarus into the world of needles and thread.  Warning: lots of puns ahead.


Why it'd be adorable: Have you ever actually seen the Chibi-Robo character before?  He’s already overwhelmingly adorable, what with his little round eyes, oversized head, tiny legs, chrome body, and dangling plug that trails behind him when he scurries around (not to mention his eager and helpful nature). Adding sewing implements to his design could only make him even more precious and would add new dimensions to his abilities and limitations.

Fabricated preview quote: Start with the small appliance nature of everyone's favorite little robotic assistant and replace his electrical plug with a large needle. Next, send him out on a series of tasks and assignments around environments such as a sewing room and a fabric store. Seems easy enough, right?  Ah, but there's a catch: Our protagonist is tethered by a long piece of thread that must be attached to spools and wound from time to time. Can you meet the challenge of Chibi-Sewbo?

There are some great puns in this piece that I had too much fun creating: Stitch & Pinishment for Sin & Punishment, Metroid Pleat for Metroid Prime, Uniribbon for Uniracers, and my absolutely favorite of the crop, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Cross-stitch Training.  I know that a lot of people look down on puns, but I enjoy a well-crafted one and find it difficult not to break them out at every opportunity.  Just ask my fiancé.  If you think these are groaners, just think of all of the rejected ones she had to put up with while I was writing the article.