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Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DXNamco and Nintendo have teamed up over the past few years to create two Mario Kart titles unique to arcades, and now comes word that a third edition is in the works.  Dubbed Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX, the game brings back familiar features from the first two installments and adds a few new tricks.  Arcade Heroes has the news.

The document describing the game, released to Japanese media lays out the four game modes that can be found: Grand Prix, Battle Mode, “Alter Ego” Battle mode, and Team Co-Op mode. The latter two are new to the arcade series; the translation is clunky on what the Alter Ego mode is exactly but from the sounds of it, it is an online mode where other players can race against your recorded ghost player when you are not on the machine. The game will certainly have network play to some degree.

Mario Kart is due out in Japanese arcades in the summer and the rest of the world sometime after that, and while I'm happy to see that another arcade Mario Kart is on the way, I'm still trying to find the first two games so I can experience those.  The American arcade scene has bounced back slightly in recent years thanks to a wave of nostalgia, but the market is dead compared to the glory days of the 1980s and early 1990s.  Most of the arcades around here exist now as dead Yellow Pages listings.  A few still live on somehow with worn-out cabinets and broken controls featuring older titles scavenged locally, but to find a real honest to goodness thriving video game arcade these days is a minor miracle.  I'd love to play any of the Mario Kart arcade games, but finding a place that offers one is a quest unto itself.