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Assassin's CreedSince I had to sign up for a Tumblr account in order to work on Super eShop World, I decided I might as well play around with the format myself.  I come across fun images and videos all the time that I think people should see, but they don't justify a full PTB post, so I figure I should share all of that material in the Tumblr microblog format.  I'm tinkering with it at the aptly named Press The Buttons on Tumblr blog, so why not stop in and see what's up?  I haven't decided if I'll keep it around in the long run yet.  It all depends on if enough people find it worthwhile to read, follow, reblog, and do all of those other Tumblr activities.  After all, If I'm going to present content, I'd prefer there be an audience out there to see it.