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BoosterThe Nintendo/Square co-production that is 1996's Super Mario RPG is a game that you'd think is prime for a modernized remake for the Nintendo 3DS, but complicated ownership issues have left it restricted to its original Super NES release and a Wii Virtual Console reintroduction.  Nevertheless, it's worth revisiting.  Gogadgit has a list of eight reasons why you should replay Mario's first RPG adventure which includes elements such as the hotel bellhop sidequest, Bowser's timeless haiku, an encounter with the Axem Rangers (who, at the time, were a subversive parody of pop culture's darling Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers), and the Final Fantasy crossover-type boss fight with Culex:

In the quaint village of retired Mario villains called Monstro Town you come to a door within a door; a world within a world. He waits here. Ill-shapen, tenebrous, and deranged. Visitor from another dimension, searching for the strongest opponent from ours. He is Culex, the Dark Knight of Vanda.

He wields four sentient elemental crystals (also loaned from the Final Fantasy series), which added to his own HP brought the total to a whopping 12,396. That’s more than both forms of the game’s main antagonist, Smithy’s, combined. The fight easily took more than half an hour to complete, as the best method of defeating Culex was taking down each crystal one by one to curb their brutal attacks, and then take Culex on directly.

If you defeat Culex he leaves you with, “Thank you, brave knight. I will treasure this memento of my journey here. Perhaps in another time, another game, we may have been enemies… Let us part as comrades in arms.”

These are all good reasons, but this list is missing my favorite part of the game: the Booster saga.  Spanning the section of the game from Booster's Tower through the town of Marrymore, this is the part of the game in which Mario joins forces with Bowser to rescue Princess Toadstool from the strange and creepy Booster (who, I swear, seems to be a stand-in for Wario).  I never tire of exploring the tower and enjoying the Super Mario in-jokes and gags all over again.  Definitely make a point of playing Super Mario RPG just for this portion alone (although the entire game is worth your time).  Let's reminice with a remix of Booster's theme from OverClocked Remix, "Booster Tarantino".