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Weekly Poll: Time Spanners In The Works

Weekly Poll for 1-14-2013An overwhelming number of you out there are not interested in the next pair of Nintendo's Pokémon sequels, although with only sixteen counted votes in this sample size, I'm not sure that's indicative of anything.  Tens of thousands of people read Press The Buttons each month and only sixteen of you out there voted?  For shame.  As for me, I can't say that I'm a Pokémon fan.  I'm glad that those who are will have more games to enjoy, but it's not my thing.

Moving on, this week I want to ask you about how much time you spend playing video games in a single stretch.  When you sit down to play a game, how long do you play before turning the game off?  Do you cram a few minutes in with your favorite mobile or handheld game when you can?  Do you set aside an hour or two of free time to devote to playing the latest release?  Can you spare entire sections of a day for leveling up your heroes?  Do you not even need sleep and can somehow play for entire days and nights?  Let's hear your thoughts.