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Weekly Poll: Still Catching Them All

Weekly Poll for 1-09-2013It's a close vote on interest in Valve's planned home PC-based video game console.  From what I've heard talking with friends, major PC gaming enthusiasts cannot wait to buy a Steam Box, while those who stick to Microsoft, Sony, and/or Nintendo offerings exclaim a mere "meh" when asked.  Once again, it looks as though Valve continues to own the PC gaming market as a storefront.  I'm curious where their hardware plans will take them.  I'm glad to see that the Steam Box is / will be a product, but it's not for me.  I'll stick to my Sony and Nintendo consoles for my favorite first-party products and continue to buy third-party productions for the better of the two options.  PC gaming just doesn't appeal to me as much as console gaming thanks to the endless software and hardware upgrades required to play at top performance levels.  Sure, my PS3 and Wii need firmware updates from time to time, but beyond that the games just work without further tweaking or configuration.  As I have less and less time to spend playing games, I'm not interested in using some of that time just to get a game working as intended.

Speaking of first-party games, Nintendo has announced the next pair of Pokémon titles: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.  Hitting the Nintendo 3DS later this year, the gaming community is already excited for the new installments.  Are you interested in the new Pokémon titles?  Are you ready to buy a 3DS to play them?  Are you over the whole "gotta catch 'em all!" thing?  Let's hear your thoughts.