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Weekly Poll: Steam Box Heat

ValveThere's plenty of news coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show this week, but the story that has PC gamers buzzing the most is the official revelation that Valve is hard at work on a video game console of its own that aims to bring the Steam marketplace to the living room.  There are still plenty of unknowns and many pundits are making educated guesses (and wild wish lists), but the idea is that the "Steam Box" would allow you to play all of your Steam purchases with ease in a more traditional game console setting.  To kick off the weekly polls for 2013, let me ask you: are you interested in the Steam Box?  Is this just the sort of thing that you've been waiting for in order to kick off your Xbox shackles?  Or do you yawn and point to your existing PC when hearing this news?  Are you happy with the console ecosystems you already own?  Let's hear your thoughts.  Look for the big red poll box on the right PTB sidebar to vote.