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Miiverse Headed To Nintendo 3DS

Miiverse helpNot content to let its new Miiverse social experience network remain purely on the Wii U, Nintendo is planning to expand the service to encompass the 3DS and beyond.  According to the company's president, Satoru Iwata, it won't be long before new 3DS games include Miiverse functionality.  Here's Siliconera with the highlights of an interview with Nikkei:

[E]xpanding the audience lies within the Miiverse, Nintendo’s new social network  community that’s available on the Wii U and is headed to the Nintendo 3DS in the  future as well. Miiverse allows Wii U owners to share messages, screenshots,  drawings, tips and more with each other. Wii U games each have their own  communities for this purpose.

“This is something I’ve talked about for many years with Mr. Miyamoto,” says  Iwata. “Miyamoto loves making games that allow players to create and share  experiences. We believe that it’s one of the main reasons behind the Mario series and Animal Crossing’s success. It was having those thoughts and feelings which  eventually led to the creation of the Miiverse. Rather than social networking,  we consider it an ‘experience sharing network’.”

In order to fully expand Miiverse to a wider audience, Nintendo will also be  bringing the network to the Nintendo 3DS and eventually to PCs and smartphones as well, so you can check it anywhere you are.

While Miiverse support for 3DS games will help the service grow, I have to admit that I believe it will take the availability of Miiverse smartphone apps before people really use it as much as Facebook or Twitter.  I don't always have my 3DS on me these days thanks to limited pocket space (and believe me, I'd carry it if I could; before I couldn't fit it in my pockets anymore, I carried my original Nintendo DS with me everywhere for over five years), but I do carry my iPhone with me wherever I go.  Let me access the Miiverse as easily as I can hop on Twitter for a quick moment and I guarantee that I'd use it as heavily as Nintendo seems to want.  However, supporting alternative hardware isn't necessarily something that Nintendo has been eager to do in the past, so I'm not counting on a Miiverse app to be as full-featured as the level of access available on actual Nintendo hardware.