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Lost Would've Made For a Great RPG

The Internet is going wild sending around this video spoof of a 16-bit Square-style RPG built around the 2000s television phenomenon Lost, but I just can't resist sharing it here as well.  Lost was amazing appointment television in its day and key episodes such as "The Man Behind the Curtain" are still worth a rewatch now and then for old time's sake.  Ubisoft took a crack at turning it into a proper video game several years ago with middling results as Lost: Via Domus (it's really not Ubisoft's fault that they chose to license the property during Season 2 just before all of the real craziness began happening that would have made for a better game).  This take on the idea from College Humor is pretty darn close to what I'd envision an actual Lost RPG to be like, although I have to admit that I'm still partial to my brainstormed ideas for Lost games that I came up with back when the series finale was looming.  I really want to play Candidate Fighter.  You just know that the Smoke Monster has a brutal Fatality.

Candidate Fighter