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Finish Him With A Fergality!

FergalityThe Mortal Kombat franchise is famous for its gory Fatality finishing moves in which characters are ripped into bloody pieces, but the series also has a selection of alternative ways to end a match.  There's the Babality in which the loser of the fight is regressed back into infancy and, of course, the Friendship which ends the conflict without bloodshed.  Animalities transform kombatants into fierce beasts to inflict pain.  One of the more obscure finishing moves, however, must be the rare Fergality.  This finishing move is only found in the Sega Genesis version of Mortal Kombat II as an in-joked placed there by the studio that ported the arcade smash, Probe, to honor company employee Fergus McGovern.  Unlocked via a special code and then a unique Rayden finishing move input sequence, the Fergality is the most obscure Mortal Kombat attack of them all.  Check it out in action below courtesy of YouTube.