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EvilCast Recap - 2012 Outtakes Special

EvilCastI appeared on the Games Are Evil's EvilCast show several times last year as a guest to talk about such varied topics as Spec Ops: The Line, pinball, Zynga's financial troubles, Windows 8, Kickstarter projects, and a slew of E3 coverage.  While the show is entertaining enough as aired, what's also amusing are the parts that don't make it into the episodes.  The gang likes to cap off the year with an outtakes and blooper edition, and while I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet, I'm told that I feature prominently in the 2012 outtake special.  Head over to GrE to check it out.  I hope that I didn't say anything too stupid last year.  Parental discretion and/or headphones are recommended.  It gets a little blue at times.