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Worlds Collide In Street Fighter X Mega Man

Street Fighter X Mega ManCapcom has two famed franchises celebrating twenty-fifth anniversaries this year, so what better way to commemorate the occasion by mixing them both together?  Coming as a free download on December 17 for PC, Street Fighter X Mega Man brings a new 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System-styled adventure for Mega Man that pits him not against Robot Masters, but against World Warriors.  Thrill as the blue bomber takes on the likes of Ryu, Blanka, Chun-li, and your other favorite fighters.  Mega Man can even copy their unique special moves in the form of eight new weapons to acquire.  Originating as a fan game, Capcom picked up the rights to the project several years ago and supplied the assets and resources required to turn it into an officially sanctioned Capcom product.  It's a PC exclusive for now, but word on the street is that it may turn up elsewhere later if there's enough demand for it.  Be sure to check it out when it debuts on the Capcom Unity website next week.  I know I will.  Check out the announcement trailer for a sample of what's to come.