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Weekly Poll for 12-10-2012Nearly all of you out there save your video game boxes and cases.  I certainly do; in fact, I still have my old Nintendo Entertainment System game boxes and the boxes and cases for every game I've purchased since the dawn of Super Mario Bros.  They're all stored in a pair of large boxes on a shelf at the top of my closet.  Nicole wonders why I hang on to them.  I say that they add to the value of the game.  She asked if I ever planned to sell them, but I value my game collection too much to part with it.  Catch-22?  Maybe.  The collector mentality that I have demands that I keep the boxes though.  They are, after all, part of the collection.  I imagine a lifetime of collected games ending up in a museum someday after I'm gone and I want to be sure that the collection in the Matthew Green Wing of Collected Gaming is as complete and thorough as possible.  Egotistical?  Definitely.

There is no poll for this week as my polling provider, Vizu, has decided to close up shop effective this week.  I'm looking for a new polling provider, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.  Thanks for any tips you can provide!