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Weekly Poll: Boxes Of Boxes

Weekly Poll for 11-26-2012Most of you do not own a Sony PlayStation Vita.  I can understand why.  It's expensive, it's unproven, and the hidden costs can eat your savings alive if you're not careful.  However, since buying one a few weeks ago on a Black Friday whim, I've found that I really enjoy playing games on it.  It's a capable little machine that's quickly become my pre-sleep gaming device in the evenings for a few rounds of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale or Zen Pinball 2.  If you enjoy the PlayStation brand then I would suggest that you pick one up eventually, but wait for a sale or a particularly good bargain.  The full retail price on the Vita is still a bit unreasonable (and don't get me started on the price of the proprietary memory cards).

Speaking of ownership, do you keep the boxes and cases that house your video games until you can get them home?  Games are worth more if you keep the original packaging, after all.  Do you still have a big box of Sega Genesis boxes in storage?  Are your Nintendo DS cases lined up on a shelf?  Or do you gut the packaging and dispose of the husk as soon as possible?  Let's hear about your habits.