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We Are Rock-Men! 2 Rocks Out

We Are Rock-Men! 2Following on from 2011's We Are Rock-Men! album of arranged Mega Man music comes the sequel, We Are Rock-Men 2!, which includes more awesome remixed tunes from the world of the blue bomber.  More of your favorite songs are here including stage themes from Mega Man 5 (Napalm Man), Mega Man 4 (Skull Man), Mega Man X3 (Blast Hornet), Mega Man 2 (Dr. Wily Stage 1), and even Mega Man 3 (Snake Man) as well as music from later spin-off titles like Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Legends, and even the only-in-Japan iOS adventure Rockman Xover.  While I think the previous album was more mindblowing, this edition contains some great stuff and is worth a listen.  Check out the Snake Man theme for evidence of that!  I think that my feelings towards this album are tainted by the inclusion of music from Mega Man titles that I have little connection with; I was never much of a Battle Network fan and I've never played Xover, so I can't say those tracks interest me.  Give me Classic series music any day!