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Rejected Robot Master Roundup

Honey WomanIt feels like just yesterday that Capcom opened its vault to allow for the publication of the Mega Man: Official Complete Works tome which elaborated on the process behind creating the video game franchise's famed Robot Masters.  The book was released prior to Mega Man 9's release, so now the book has been republished with new material to fill the franchise's recent history.  The Mega Man Network has scans of some of the rejected Robot Masters sketched up as part of Mega Man 9's development process that show the evolution of classic bosses.  You know Plug Man and Splash Woman, but what about Plasma Man and Ocean Man?  Weather Man?  Diamond Man?  Honey Woman?

Hornet Man began as Honey Woman (though she still possessed the Hornet Chaser). But apparently with some “one woman rule,” Ocean Man becoming a woman meant Honey Woman had to become a man. The redesign was named Sting Man for a time, before finally settling on Hornet Man.

Some of the rejected designs are actually kind of interesting.  I wouldn't mind seeing Ocean Man turn up in some future Mega Man game, and Plasma Man has potential.  Weather Man definitely needed more work though, and his eventual change into Tornado Man was a wise decision.  It's always intriguing to see this window into the development cycle and for all the trouble that Capcom has had with the Mega Man brand lately, I'm glad that they approved this updated version of the book.  Hopefully we'll see it outside of Japan sooner or later.  I own the original volume, but I'd happily buy the new revision to see additional sketches and artwork.