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Double the Trouble!Video game music remix community OverClocked ReMix has already turned its attention to Nintendo's classic Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 in the form of albums Kong In Concert and Serious Monkey Business, and now the trilogy has been completed with the release of a Donkey Kong Country 3 tribute album, Double The TroubleMore than a year in the making, sixty-nine talented artists have come together to create this remix project which features new takes on both the original Super NES soundtrack from 1996 and the new soundtrack composed for 2005's Game Boy Advance re-release.  That's seventy-seven songs for your enjoyment spread over five discs.  Original Kong composer David Wise even lent a hand!  Check out the announcement trailer for a preview and head over to the Double The Trouble subsite at OC ReMix to download the album for free in either MP3 or FLAC formats.  It's definitely worth adding to your media collection.