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Mega Man 3Konami did something special with the Japanese version of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.  The company included a special additional microchip in the game's cartridge that allowed for enhanced audio effects.  Konami passed on using this custom VRC6 chip internationally, but its legend lives on.  That brings us to today's project in which a blue bomber fan by the name of RushJet1 has rearranged Capcom's Mega Man 3 soundtrack to make use of Konami's special chip.  It's Mega Man 3 Remade!

This cover/remix album has been in the works for 9 months now, and I'm glad to finally have released it. Enjoy all of Mega Man 3's tracks reworked in stereo 8-bit glory and with the Konami VRC6 expansion.

All of your favorite themes are here: Top Man's stage, Needle Man's stage, Snake Man's stage, and many more.  I admire how much detail has been injected into what are already classic and timeless 8-bit compositions.  There's an additional urgency to the boss battle theme, added ominousness to the Dr. Wily stages, and even a bonus Mega Man Game Boy theme slipped into the mix for good measure.  I would love to see more game soundtracks reworked in this manner.  Can you imagine what could be done with the original Castlevania themes?  Or Super Mario Bros. 2?  How about Bionic Commando?  What about the high pedestal of all Nintendo Entertainment System music, Mega Man 2?  The possibilities go on and on.