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Capcom Turnaround Strikes Back

Capcom TurnaroundPTB readers may remember my exhaustive examination of a recurring Capcom level design element that I dubbed the Capcom Turnaround back in 2010 in which a character (usually Mega Man) drops into a room from above and must turn to the left, drop slightly, and proceed to the right to continue.  I've been chronicling as many uses of the Turnaround that I can find, and while playing the company's new officially sanctioned Street Fighter X Mega Man fan game, I was elated to discover another use of the classic design.  You'll find yet another Turnaround in Blanka's stage in the underwater area.  Watch out for the electric eels and spike trap!  It's great to see that the Capcom Turnaround lives on in new Mega Man productions (even those created by fans).  The new game isn't perfect, but it includes my favorite part of Mega Man stage design, so it's OK with me.