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Atari Pulls The Plug On Ghostbusters Online Multiplayer

GhostbustersAfter three years of maintaining the multiplayer servers required for teaming up with friends to bust ghosts together, Atari has pulled a move worthy of Walter Peck himself and announced that it has shutdown the online multiplayer modes of 2009's Ghostbusters: The Video Game.  Here's the short blurb straight from the source:

Ghostbusters Recruits – we regret to notify you that we have shut down the Containment Unit behind the Ghostbusters Video Game servers for all platforms.   Since the game launched in October 2009 we’ve had some great times busting ghosts online, but after three years we're seeing that player volume has dropped.  Please note, this shutdown won’t have any effect on single player or local multiplayer play.

I would say that all good things must come to an end, but the multiplayer modes for Ghostbusters felt like a tacked-on addition meant to satisfy this generation's demand that as many video games as possible feature an online multiplayer option of some sort.  I had my fun with the online portion of Ghostbusters, but it didn't really add anything to the overall experience.  The single-player story mode is the reason to play the game, after all.  I still say that you need to play it if you have not already.  Or, at the very least, watch the edited film version.

(Image via American Buddha)