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Wii Mini Is Coming

Wii MiniIn what seems to be the final resting form for Nintendo's aging Wii, a new smaller version of everyone's favorite motion control console is headed to stores in early December.  Spotted on Best Buy Canada's website earlier today, the Wii Mini boasts a square case, snazzy red and black exterior, and comes packed with the bare bones accessories needed to play Wii games. BB Canada pegs the price at $99.99, so if Nintendo wants to minimize its production costs and shrink the Wii components down to bare minimums in order to maximize its profits per console, then this would be the way to do it.  We've already seen one major Wii revision this generation (which removed GameCube support, as you'll recall), and now we get the Wii Mini which cuts Internet connectivity (and, by extension, the Wii Shop Channel with its Virtual Console titles and WiiWare as well as Netflix/Hulu Plus and anything else requiring online access) and sports a manual top-loading disc drive.  Nintendo really does have this Wii thing down to a money-making science at this point, although I wouldn't want to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl on this hardware revision. 

Wii Mini

(Thanks to VisionaryLight)