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Microsoft Surprises First Xbox Live Members With Free 360s

Xbox 360Typically if you're a longtime customer of a major corporation the only thing you get for your years of loyal patronage are e-mail advertisements encouraging you to buy the latest products, but Microsoft is going above and beyond expectations when it comes to rewarding some of their steadiest of customers.  Microsoft's Xbox Live service turns ten years old this month and to mark the occasion the company is sending out special Xbox 360 consoles to select customers who were there from the start.  The nice catch?  The consoles are free.  Here's the company's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb:

This is a wonderful way to show some customer goodwill and stir up some positive press for Microsoft, the Xbox brand, and the Xbox Live service.  In a time when video game publishers and console manufacturers are still trying to squeeze every last cent out of customers with season passes, overpriced downloadable content, online passports, and other dollar-snatching initiatives (and Microsoft is not immune to these practices, but it seems to do better than most lately), it's great to see a company give back to its steady customers.  Microsoft didn't have to do this.  I'm sure they could have sent out vouchers for a free month of Live and still received kudos from the community.  Free hardware though?  That'll turn a few heads.