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Mega ManSure, we all have fond memories of the original Mega Man titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but those games have turned up in other places over the years in different, often remixed forms.  While the NES will always be the real home of the series, direct elements from it have made appearances on the Game Boy, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, and beyond.  Who can possibly keep all of the ports and remakes straight?  David Oxford over at 1UP feels game to try.  He's come up with a look back in time at the blue bomber's many rearranged releases.  Here's a bit of the article:

Released for the Game Boy in 1991 (1992 in Europe), Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge (or simply "Mega Man" on the title screen) isn't quite a port or version, per se. Rather, the Rockman World series (as it's known in Japan) was a sort of remix or "best of" style of game, generally taking elements from two different NES Mega Man games and mixing them together, often with a few new additions thrown in.

In Dr. Wily's Revenge, the player chooses from four of the Robot Masters faced in Mega Man on the NES; for whatever reason, Bomb Man and the frequently-reused Guts Man were left out. Further condensing the game is the fact that players move straight on to Dr. Wily's fortress after defeating the quartet, where he then faces four of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2: Quick Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, and Flash Man. This selection stands out among most Mega Man titles for providing two fire-based Robot Masters, and thus two fire-based weapons for Mega Man to acquire.

It's a true testament to the series that not only has it been ported so many times, but I keep buying the new versions when they show up for sale.  I still own the NES classics, but I also had to have the Game Boy titles back in the old days and I happily paid for the PlayStation Network downloads of the PS1-era Rockman Complete Works in recent times.  I bought a PlayStation Portable partly to play Mega Man: Powered Up (still waiting for that sequel!).  I even bought the terrible PC game once upon a time.  Had Mega Man Mania been released for the Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS, I would have bought that as well.  Hmm... buying a port of a port... I'm in deep to this franchise, aren't I?