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Mario Gets In Shape For Robot Chicken

Nintendo's portly plumber has been packing on the pounds during his career as mascot and prime gaming hero, but Mario is having some doubts about his future and his health.  In this segment from Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, Mario joins several other popular culture characters such as Miss Piggy, Garfield, and Winnie the Pooh on a weight loss reality show in which they attempt to out-diet one another.  The humor is crude at times and the end result is really more depressing than hilarious, but there are some fun moments and clever gags.  I especially like the use of classic 8-bit sprites and character artwork to show the progression of Mario's weight gain over the years and the implication that Mario and Luigi are no longer represented by palette-swapped figures because Mario has become heavier than his brother and now requires his own character model to accurately portray them both.  Mario's feared inevitable grotesquely obese appearance even mimics Nintendo's artwork style.  Someone at Robot Chicken did their homework for this one.