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Nintendo PowerNintendo Power's final issue is hitting subscriber mailboxes and newsstands soon, but the Internet always has tomorrow's news today and that includes photos of magazine covers.  Some Power readers on Twitter have expressed their anger at being spoiled prior to finding the magazine in the mail for themselves, so if you want to see the final cover of gaming's longest running magazine and you haven't yet stumbled upon it for yourself, read on...

Nintendo Power

That's the new cover on the left there.  Really, there was no other way to wrap up the publication.  Following on from the cover to the very first issue way back in 1988 (seen on the right), Nintendo Power is going out with a modernized update of that original image that promoted Super Mario Bros. 2 so many years ago.  The details are different now, of course, but the spirit remains the same, and had the staff at Future chose any other way to go out, I think we would all have been very disappointed.  Instead we get a cover for the ages and a wonderful awesome moment of collective cheer and warm fuzzy memories.  Thanks to everyone who had a hand in the production of Nintendo Power.  You all really did make a difference.  For more on the end of Nintendo Power, but sure to listen to Episode 85 of the Power Button podcast.

(via Reddit)