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You Really Can't Own These Gaming Collectibles

Ultra 64 hatIt's time for another entry in the ongoing series of articles from Platypus Comix in which we marvel and gawk and rare and unusual video game collectibles.  Today's piece reveals odd accessories such as a sonar peripheral for the Nintendo Game Boy that aids in the search for fish, a Nintendo DS game card that combines two standalone games into one place (and it's legit!), Kingdom Hearts drinking glasses, a board game based on F-Zero, a red Coca-Cola-branded Sega Game Gear, a prototype version of Final Fantasy II, and other such oddities.  Check out this hat for a Nintendo console that, technically, never existed:


We saw last time how video game companies have a tendency to
jump the gun, hatly speaking

Here's another example

eBay Price: $500

I'm reminded of a t-shirt that I own that Nintendo handed out at E3 2004 as part of the reveal of the Nintendo DS.  The shirt shows off the preliminary design for the handheld that was in the works at the time, and ultimately the product that arrived in stores at the end of that year looked slightly different.  It's still hanging in my closet as a collectable item rather than a part of my wardrobe.  I'd think it would be worth something because of the rarity, but I see that it sells on eBay for a pittance.  I'll continue to hang on to it until it's worth enough to fund my retirement.  I'm patient and this kind of thing is best played as a long game.