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Weekly Poll: Prize Patrol

Weekly Poll for 10-15-2012There's much more love for Capcom's Darkstalkers series than I'd expected out there.  I don't know if I feel the need for a new entry in the fighting game series since Capcom has already done so much this generation for new and remastered genre titles.  Do we really need another Capcom brawler when we already have Street Fighter IV and its SuperArcade, and 3D Edition variants along with Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Marvel vs Capcom: Origins.  I'm not necessarily against a new Darkstalkers game, but this gaming generation is absolutely saturated with Capcom fighting titles.  Now, if Darkstalkers came back next generation with something new to show us, then I would be all for it.

Moving on, I've been giving away new video games as contest prizes lately; Borderlands 2 is on its way to a lucky winner, Retro City Rampage will be spoken for later today, and there are still at least two more contests to come in the next few weeks.  Over time people have informally told me that they prefer for the prizes to be Microsoft Xbox 360 games, so I make it a habit to request those from contest sponsors when given the choice, but I think it's time to ask all of you out there which format you'd rather the prizes be.  Are you happy with X360 game giveaways?  Would you rather see some Sony PlayStation 3 titles up for grabs?  Are you looking ahead to Nintendo Wii U titles?  Let me hear your thoughts.