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Weekly Poll: Game Over For G4

Weekly Poll for 10-22-2012I really appreciate you of all giving some input on the future of the kinds of prizes offered at PTB.  I was especially surprised that most of you want to see PC games as giveaway prizes; in the past, PC games haven't done so well in terms of how many people enter to win.  Twitter followers ask for Microsoft Xbox 360 games in droves, so I'd assumed that would be the dominant platform.  I'll do my best to offer prizes in a variety of formats when I can.  Sometimes publishers offer me a choice and sometimes they don't.  The best way to keep the prizes coming is to enter the contests and help me show that there is a demand for these sorts of things.  There's still time to enter to win NBA 2K13, and then I have one more game to offer up in what's become four straight weeks of giveaways.  Responses have been overwhelming lately, so I'm happy to see so many of you throw your names in the hat each week.

Moving on, it was announced last week that video game cable channel G4 is ending production of its key shows Attack of the Show and X-Play in addition to other game-related programming as the channel moves to rebrand itself (as was rumored a few months ago).  Once this incarnation of G4 is gone, will you miss it?  Let's hear your thoughts.  For more on this issue, be sure to check out Episode 85 of the Power Button podcast in which we discuss the kind of void that G4 will leave in the business once it changes focus to other topics.