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In Search Of... Bad Video Game Books

GoombellaDo you know of any poorly written or otherwise terrible books about video games?  My girlfriend Nicole runs Books Without Pity at which she eviscerates badly dated or just plain bad books with snark, cynicism, and sarcasm.  She's covered genres such as cookbooks of questionable taste, books for children that set bad examples, and trashy mainstream literature such as Fifty Shades of Grey, but she wants to turn her attention to published garbage pertaining to gaming.  Can you recommend anything poorly written about the world of video games that deserves some biting analysis?  The more out of touch and out of date the book, the better.  Show us books about how video games run on computers so large that only the richest kings of Europe can play them.  Tell us about volumes of questionable revelations about the secret evil teachings behind The Legend of Zelda.  Anything about gaming that deserves to be taken down a few pegs will be much appreciated.