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Co-op Multiplayer Comes To Super Mario 64

Two-player mode was a staple of many of the original Super Mario Bros. games, and many fans were disappointed when Super Mario 64 arrived in 1996 for the Nintendo 64 without anything for Player Two to do.  Wouldn't it be great to explore Princess Peach's castle with a friend in a cooperative multiplayer mode?  Nintendo wasn't able to make it happen all those years ago, but now it's possible thanks to an impressive Mario hack created by Skelux that brings a second player into the action when the game is played with a Nintendo 64 emulator.  It even works over online play!  I haven't tried it for myself, but if what we see here in this trailer on YouTube performs as promised, then this could be a lot of fun to play.  At least, romping through Bob-omb Battlefield and Wet Dry World would be fun.  I can only imagine the mutual rage that would result from cramming two players into the tiny ledges and bottomless pits of levels such as Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride.  Now, what would it take to redesign the second player character to be Luigi instead of a recolored Mario?  Skelux has already done the seemingly impossible.  What's one more wish added to the pile?