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Annual Castlevania Musical Moment Strikes Again

I have a little rule here at Press The Buttons: Halloween cannot pass without taking a minute to enjoy an annual presentation of interesting lore from Konami's classic Castlevania franchise (typically music, as the music of Castlevania is difficult to surpass for general spookiness).  In past years we've heard remixes and rearrangements, but this year's offering comes from an orchestral performance.  Coming from the talented performers in the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and Kuehn's Choirbehind for PLAY! A Video Game Symphony is this medley of beloved Castlevania hits featuring "Vampire Killer", "Wicked Child", and "A Tocatta into Blood Soaked Darkness".  It's a spirited and classy rendition of some old favorites and will certainly liven up your Halloween.  Be safe on this horrible night to have a curse.