Nintendo Announces Wii U Release Date And Price
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Weekly Poll: Will U Wii U?

Weekly Poll for 9-10-2012Most of you prefer to wait for the complete version of a video game to be released as a Game Of The Year edition over buying new releases at full price and then buying the add-on downloadable content a piece at a time for additional money.  It makes better financial sense, and I know I should buy the GOTY versions, but I hate waiting.  The Internet loves to spoil plot points, so I feel that if I drag my feet on games like Assassin's Creed III or Batman: Arkham City, all of the plot twists and surprises will be ruined for me before I get to play the game.  It's even getting to the point that in the rush to be the all-important First, people are getting hold of early release copies of games and posting spoiler-laden videos to YouTube after which the gaming media posts them everywhere.  I knew the secret reward for collecting one million coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2 before the game even hit stores in North America thanks to an inconsiderate person posting spoilers in a forum without warning.  That's a small, insignificant thing, sure, but imagine if the spoiler was for something that truly mattered in the context of a game and its plot?  That's why I buy earlier than I should.  I don't want to have my escapism spoiled.

Speaking of buying things at full price, now that Nintendo has announced its Wii U prices and release dates, are you planning to buy one this year?  Or, rather, are you going to try to buy one this year as preorders are selling out already and it looks like there will be a mad rush to find one just as with all new game console launches in recent memory.  So, are you in?  Let's hear your thoughts.