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Weekly Poll: The Wii U Sweet Spot

Weekly Poll for 8-23-2012There's an overall disinterest in Microsoft's Kinect, as even a price drop to $109 isn't enough to inspire the PTB audience into springing for a camera add-on for your console.  I'm not part of the Xbox ecosystem and have no interest in a Kinect, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.  Microsoft's Xbox brand just doesn't offer anything exclusive that interests me enough to justify the cost of another current generation console and accessories.  I do well enough with my existing hardware, old fashioned physical controllers and all.

Speaking of prices, rumor has it that Nintendo is planning three different versions of the Wii U come launch day, some of which are bundles of some sort (presumably including Nintendo Land, but that has not been verified).  The three alleged prices are $249.99, $299.99, and $349.99.  For the sake of discussion, assume that these are real prices and let me ask you: which of these prices is the most that you would pay for the Wii U?  How much money are you willing to spend for Nintendo's next home console?  Let's hear your thoughts.