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Weekly Poll: The Grind

Weekly Poll for 9-17-2012A small majority of you out there are not buying (or not trying to buy) a Nintendo Wii U this year.  As I've said elsewhere, I'm holding off as well.  I'm not going to rehash my previous comments (listen to Episode 86 of Power Button to hear it all), but I will say that I do still want to eventually get a Wii U, but it will have to wait until there's more than just one game available that I want to play.  I know those games are coming and the console will still be there when they do.

Moving on, I've been playing a lot of classic Ratchet & Clank games lately as part of the Ratchet & Clank Collection for the Sony PlayStation 3, and in each game I eventually run into the same progress-halting wall: I need more bolts.  Bolts are the universal Ratchet currency, and despite my best efforts at shooting and smashing every enemy and bolt-awarding item I encounter, as the game starts to wind down I come across one more weapon or item that I need to properly finish that costs more bolts that I've managed to collect throughout the entire adventure.  That leads me to backtrack and replay completed levels just to earn more bolts.  Eventually it becomes a chore.  This sort of level grinding can be a chore in some games, but a joy in others.  I ask you: in general, how do you feel about level grinding?  Let's hear your thoughts.