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Weekly Poll: Pay Me Now, Pay Me Later

Weekly Poll for 9-04-2012It looks like the Nintendo Wii U price tag sweet spot is at the $249.99 or $299.99 mark for most of you out there.  I'm looking to pay $249.99, but I'd spring for the $299.99 option if a game that I plan to buy anyway (such as New Super Mario Bros. U) is a pack-in title at that price point.  Realistically I should admit that I would pay just about anything for a new Super Mario fix, but the more expensive the cost, the more likely it would have to wait.  Money doesn't grow on trees in this economy even if it's money earmarked for Mario.

Speaking of buying new games, this generation has popularized the Game Of The Year edition re-release in which last year's biggest $60 hits are repackaged with most or all of the game's post-release downloadable content included and sold at a discount.  GOTY editions make it a more fiscally attractive option to wait a year and buy the complete package for less money, but there are some games that demand immediate exploration for any number of personal reasons (risk of story spoilers, all of one's friends are playing the multiplayer modes at release and may not be in a year, etc.).  Do you prefer to buy the newest releases as they reach stores or do you bide your time and wait for the complete GOTY repackaged product?  Let's hear your thoughts.