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Weekly Poll: Secrets To Everybody

Weekly Poll for 7-30-2012Most of you would rather buy a new video game than a remastered old game.  I also prefer new experiences to nostalgia that's been spruced up a bit, but I have a soft spot for replaying an old favorite game in high definition.  I enjoy Sony's revamped classics line and I've rented a few of Nintendo's New Play Control titles for the Wii, but anymore I tend to split my gaming between both old and new with the new titles going to the PlayStation 3 and older titles landing on the Nintendo 3DS via its Virtual Console service.  Later this month, however, that'll flip to New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS and the Ratchet and Clank Collection on the PS3.  So while I prefer buying new original games, but actual habits are all over the place. 

Moving on, Episode 82 of the Power Button podcast ponders whether or not video game publishers should be more open when it comes to revealing information to the gaming community.  The charge is that there is too much secrecy in the video game industry.  Do you agree?  Do you want developers and publishers to be more open when it comes to sharing new information about past, present, and future products?  Let's hear your thoughts.