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Weekly Poll: Getting Kinected

Weekly Poll for 8-20-2012Those of you who have played New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS are satisfied with the experience.  I'm happy with it, although the game is a bit short at first glance.  I cleared the six main worlds two days after I bought it.  The three bonus worlds were unlocked a day later, and the true final boss was defeated the day after that.  Now I'm just clearing up loose ends and collecting those last few Star Coins.  The real replay action is in Coin Rush mode which has really surprised me.  I thought it would be a throwaway side option that has turned out to be a fun endurance run.  I'm actually looking forward to the downloadable expansions that Nintendo has promised.  I think that's the biggest surprise of all.

Moving on, Microsoft has cut the price of its Kinect camera add-on for the Xbox 360.  Will the new lower price of $109 entice you into buying one?  Do you need the price to drop further?  Do you already own one?  Maybe you don't want one at all.  No matter what your Kinect leanings, let's hear your thoughts.