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The Many Flavors Of Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. SpecialWhen thinking back on Nintendo's famed original Super Mario Bros., you may think that the game has only turned up in different forms a time or two more over the years.  That's not exactly true.  Over at 1UP, David Oxford chronicles the many different versions and varieties of the game that turned the Nintendo Entertainment System into a mighty retail force.  You'll see the expected revisions including the Super Mario All-Stars upgrade, the Game Boy Color port that is Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, and a nod to the Virtual Console releases, but you'll also learn about some of the more obscure and secret releases such as the arcade game Vs Super Mario Bros., the little game watch that could, the actual Game & Watch unit, the hidden Animal Crossing version, Hudson's Super Mario Bros. Special, and so much more.  For a game that was ubiquitous in the 1980s, it keeps coming back again and again.  What, did you really think that people were buying Nintendo hardware just to play Duck Hunt?